Meet The Team


What do you love about your job? I love the ever changing trends and new flowers that are available that we get to play with every day. And my team are the best and make my working days such a joy.
Why is it your passion? Flowers have been a passion of mine from a very young age. I was the kid who dressed up as a bride with a bouquet of flowers on a regular basis. Art was my favourite subject at school and I have always been creative. I’m so grateful to be living my absolute dream career!
Something you can’t live without? My beautiful family is my everything.
Fave Travel Destination: Bali
Fave Film: Pretty Woman
Fave Flower:
 Water Lily

Fun Fact. I’m a Physie teacher and have been for 15 years at Bonny Hills Physical Culture Club.

Touchwood Flowers owner, Ashley Sargeson, has won major awards in both business and floral artistry.
For Ashley it’s been a real honour to be recognised alongside such brilliant business people and designers:

“The awards are a testament to the wonderful Touchwood team,
who share the same vision and passion for beautiful floristry.”


What do you love about your job? Being a part of people’s special moments in life – both happy and sad is humbling and rewarding. Life is so beautiful and precious and this job reminds me everyday to live it to the fullest and surround yourself with beauty.
Favourite time of year at work? Mother’s Day has always been my favourite working time of the year, since the first year I started working as a florist, I expect it will always be. Seeing the shop overflowing in flowers is a visual dream come true
Where were you born? Port Macquarie born and raised – I love it here
Fave Film: The Shawshank Redemption
Fave Musician: Bon Jovi
Fave Colour: Obviously Green
Fave Flower: Anenomes

Fun Fact. I started at touchwood flowers when I was 19 years old, since starting I bought my first home, got married and became a mother to the happiest little boy

Jess - Touchwood Flowers Florist


What do you love about your job? I love creating with beautiful flowers, and being part of a wonderful team. We inspire and are inspired by each other every day, and have lots of fun.
What/who brings you joy? There are lots of things that bring me joy, the beach, crochet, my kids, my dogs, belly laughs with friends, sunrises, sunsets haha the list goes on and on..
Fave Film: Currently my fav film is Barbie which I never thought I would say! There are so many layers to it, it’s a very clever film!
I love the rainbow 😉
Fave Flower: is a King Protea

Fun Fact: I love to crochet and am a cancer survivor supporting the cancer community in any way I can.


What do you love about your job? I love my job so much. I love creating friendships and connections with customers and making somebody’s day just a little bit brighter, no matter what the occasion. The team of ladies which I am surrounded by, day in and day out are also a massive contributor to how much I love my job.
How did you get onto floristry? I started my floristry journey straight out of high school when I was 17. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted for my future. When the opportunity came about for me to apply at touchwood I took it with both hands and ran with it, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
Is floristry what you had imagined? Floristry is not at all what I imagined. It is so much more than what meets the eye, especially at the busiest times of the year.
Fave Film: I love a good Rom Com.
Fave Colour: I really love warm colours, pinks, oranges, yellows.
Fave Flower: Renunculus and blushing bride

Fun Fact: I was born in Katoomba, raised in Lake Macquarie and now live in Port Macquarie.


What do you love about your job? I love the rewarding feeling when receiving a phone call or a customer walking in to explain that they appreciated and loved the arrangement they recieved. I also love the amazing girls that I work with and the close friendships I have created with them all! 
Where were you born? Port Macquarie! 
Fave Film: It changes all the time but my childhood favourite would have to be the Wizard of Oz
Fave Colour: Always any shade of blue!
Fun Fact: I love anything to do with being outdoors and active. I’ve been doing physie for 17 years! 
Fave Flower: Has been changing a bit lately as I’m introduced to more flowers but I do love Orchids at the moment

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